Partner with Us

Let's grow together is a for-profit enterprise aimed at onboarding hundreds of millions of daily active users to Bitcoin Cash by 2031. See the about page for more information.

We are committed to building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in partnership with the BCH ecosystem on a win-win basis.

We currently have four primary ways for you to benefit from our work at paid sponsorships, unique perks, limited-supply PAN tokens and by investing in our mass adoption business plan. You can also make a simple donation.

To take advantage of these offers or to discuss a custom arrangement, please email

1. Sponsorship Plans

Sponsorship plans are all about building brand awareness for your business. We are open to discussing the best ways to achieve your goals.

100 BCH Plan

For 100 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 18 video tutorials
  • 30 social media posts
  • 1 marketing campaign, including landing page and email sequence
  • 6 livestreams
  • 6 pieces of PR content
  • 5 sets of Brand Gear (shipping not included)
  • The mentoring forum
  • Exclusive sponsorship of 1 event
  • Biweekly video calls with the team

50 BCH Plan

For 50 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 9 video tutorials
  • 12 social media posts
  • 3 livestreams
  • 3 pieces of PR content
  • 2 sets of Brand Gear (shipping not included)
  • Monthly video calls with the team

25 BCH Plan

For 25 BCH, get your logo, a link back, an ad for your business and/or a thanks in the following.

  • 3 video tutorials
  • 5 social media posts
  • 1 livestream
  • 1 set of Brand Gear (shipping not included)

2. Perks

  1. Be one of the first 100 people to donate 5 BCH or more and get a limited edition Bitcoin Cash Mass Adoption hardcover, full-color, glossy photo book suitable for display on your coffee table or in your den. Your photo book will show off photographs taken by / of new BCH builders onboarded as part of this project. This memento will become a collector's item you can treasure for decades as evidence of your contribution to the development of Bitcoin Cash across the globe. Absolutely no more than 100 copies of this founder's edition of the book will be printed.

  2. Be one of the first 100 people to donate 2 BCH or more and get a set of 5 holiday cards that highlight a photograph produced by or taken of program participants in the course of promoting Bitcoin Cash. Use the cards to spread Bitcoin Cash holiday cheer in December. Winners of Perk 1 are not eligible for Perk 2.

  3. Be anyone who donates 1 BCH or more and be eligible for a drawing for a decorative wall-hanging suitable for framing that includes photos and/or artwork produced by/of program participants in the course of the execution of this proposal. This item will be unique and only 1 of this particular item will ever be produced.

  4. Donate any amount and receive a permanent listing (with link back at our discretion) on the about page as our enduring thanks to you.

3. Business Plan

We are building Bitcoin Cash mass adoption in Latin America and across the globe through remittances, merchant adoption and consumer adoption. Like any strong economy, one part does not work without the other. Merchant adoption alone results in unhappy merchants. Remittances means a constant flow of BCH that can be directed to merchants, creating the first leg of a greater Bitcoin Cash economy in Latam.

This is just the beginning of a multi-year vision for making Bitcoin Cash the international currency of Latin America, ameliorating poverty, enabling job and wealth creation and sparking an economic growth “miracle” in the developing world.

Download a copy of the business plan revision 0.7 from Jan 2020 here..

An updated and much-refined business plan is coming soon.

4. Buy PAN Tokens

Starting in late Jan 2020, we've been running a crowdfunding campaign for the Panmoni business plan that also and first financed the activities towards the business plan goals of BCH Latam.

In order to give our funders a stake in the future success of Panmoni projects, the PAN token was issued, with unique Token ID 30715aed785f35c4645632c37789a157996b1785023ef987ddca19a8b31736f1.

The tokens are being sold via this account:

Here is a tutorial on how to buy PAN tokens:

Telegram group:

To purchase PAN tokens on the DEX, visit this link:

PAN Token Data Table

PAN Token Data
Fixed total supply400,000
Total BCH valuation4,000
Total USD valuation$1,300,000
Token Distribution
Crowdfunding Data
Total raisable BCH1,800
Total PANs for sale180,000
Raisable value USD$585,000
Team value USD$325,000

Therefore, each PAN token is valued at 0.01 BCH or 1,000,000 (1 million) satoshis.

There is an intention to list the PAN token on suitable exchanges for improved price discovery at an appropriate time.

There is no warranty that PAN tokens will be suitable for any purpose whatsoever, and could already be or become worthless. That said, the intention is to return a portion of any future profits, which are by no means assured, to PAN token holders via a SLP Dividend Calculator.

5. Straight Donations

You can make a simple donation via the following address.