Onboard to Bitcoin Cash BCH and you can benefit from censorship-resistant peer-to-peer global-scale electronic cash. Earn BCH on noise.cash, read.cash and, best of all, control your own money directly.

Onboarding now makes you eligible for the Bitcoin Cash 1M Campaign and it's 100 BCH in prizes.

How to Onboard

  1. Download a wallet.
  2. Earn some Bitcoin Cash (try noise.cash and read.cash), or buy some at local.bitcoin.com or your favorite exchange.
  3. Take a photo of your face with your new Bitcoin Cash wallet.
  4. Fill out the onboarding form.
  5. Verify your email by clicking the green button in your inbox!

It's that easy!


We recommend the Bitcoin.com and Electron Cash wallets but you can use any Bitcoin Cash wallet.

N.B. A custodial solution such as an exchange is NOT a wallet!