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How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

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To start a business, you just start. Fortune favors the bold and momentum goes to those who take the initiative. Start learning now. If you want to grow, if you have goals you want to achieve, just start learning and taking action today.

Business Models

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Cash on

Open an account on and create offers to buy BCH below market price and sell BCH above market price. Be sure you are earning on every trade. Hold your earned BCH and/or use stablecoins on Binance or another exchange to hedge against downward volatility.

Open a Remittances Processor

Remittances is a $689 billion per year business. Whole nations depend on remittance receipts to sustain their economies. But remittances today are slow, have expensive fees and a lot of paperwork. By helping people remit money home with Bitcoin Cash, you can save them time, money and hassles.

Provide a Safe Haven for People in Corrupt Countries

People in corrupt countries can experience the loss of purchasing power of their fiat-denominated assets via hyper-inflation and limits on their ability to access or use their fiat funds. You can help them exit corrupt monetary and legal systems by selling their fiat currency for Bitcoin Cash.

Support Cross-Border Trade

In this globalizing world, people frequently buy and sell products and services across national borders. Using fiat currency and corporate banks to facilitate these transactions is expensive, slow and filled with paperwork. But with Bitcoin Cash, it is fast and easy. You can help import-exporters to discover Bitcoin Cash and provide them with liquidity as needed on one or more sides of any given trade.

Provide Liquidity to Local Merchants

Sign up merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash. When they receive payments in BCH, offer to buy it at, say, 2% under market price if they need to cash out. Hold meetups at the merchant locations and raise funds from the community to finance the meetups.

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